What is HerbDrugNutrient?

Why Herb·Drug·Nutrient?

Because most of them are medicines.

How effective they are – and how well they work together – is demonstrated by the evidence.

In HerbDrugNutrient you can read the evidence for yourself.

Or you can quickly find the answer you need for your patient while they’re right there in the clinic with you.




medicine capsule with green leaves near it

How do I use it?

You’re about to prescribe or dispense a medicine.

But is your patient taking anything that might interact with it?


  • alerts you to potentially adverse effects
  • shows you combinations known to have beneficial effects
  • lets you assess the evidence for yourself and review the supporting research

HerbDrugNutrient makes it easy to...

  • search for interactions
  • quickly access additional therapeutic information


HerbDrugNutrient treats all medicines equally:

  • It’s the evidence that counts.
  • Including for supplements.

But how effectively does your patient metabolise the medicines you and your fellow practitioners prescribe for them?

‘Omics’ is on the way

Genetic and genomic content will start to appear mid year in HerbDrugNutrient.

Register now for free and over the course of the next 24 months you’ll engage with a growing mass of pharmacogenomic and nutrigenomic information that will take your knowledge, understanding and prescriptive practice to a new level.

Contact us if you have any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms or ideas that will make HerbDrugNutrient better for you and your patients.