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Meet some key members of our writing team


photo, head and shouldersMichael Thomsen MSc, ND, DBM

Michael has extensive industry experience as past technical manager of leading nutraceutical companies. Recently he completed a strategic plan for the development of medicinal plants and herbal medicine products in Bangladesh on behalf of the UN International Trade Centre (ITC). He is the original author of the popular Phytotherapy Desk Reference now in its fourth edition.

Michael is currently Director of HerbResearch, an international herbal medicine research company with extensive experience in the selection, validation and supply of herbal medicines. HerbResearch has a cooperative relationship with international research organisations such as the Society for Medicinal Plant Research, thus keeping abreast of current developments in phytotherapy.

Michael writes key content for HerbNutrientDrug and drives product development.

photo head and shouldersDr Hanni Gennat Dip App Sc, BSc, PhD

Hanni has been an active researcher and has published widely in the fields of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity in several capacities, including basic science, interactions, Indigenous health and population health.

Hanni has a particular interest in the role of physical activity and dietary cholesterol in disease prevention. She has recently been involved in a national epidemiological study investigating whether biological or lifestyle factors in childhood are able to predict the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in adulthood.

Hanni has taught undergraduate physiology in medical, science and veterinary curricula at several Australian universities.

photo head and shouldersDr Mathias Schmidt BPharm, PhD

Mathias specialises in medicinal plant research with issues related to herbal safety and quality: pharmacovigilance, clinical studies, toxicology, and traceability projects for herbal raw material. He is affiliated with HerbResearch Germany, a consultancy company in the field of herbal medicines and food supplements.

Mathias studied pharmacy at the University of Tuebingen, graduating in 1989. While a doctoral student he studied vitamin C chemistry and instrumental analysis. He also led seminars in pharmaceutical biology (microscopic analysis of medicinal plants and identification of constituents) and organic chemistry.

After obtaining his PhD in 1993, Mathias worked in the scientific departments of pharmaceutical companies specialising in herbal medicinal products.

Since 2004, Mathias Schmidt has been a freelance consultant with an emphasis on medicinal plant quality, efficacy and safety. Much of his work relates to the registration and review of medicines in the European Union.

Mathias belongs to many scientific associations. He plays a key role in the International Kava Executive Council.